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Superior Dome Photos

Cutting Edge Photography will be photographing our Youth Football Teams at the Superior Dome.

Action photos are PRE-ORDER ONLY. ONLY THOSE PLAYERS WHO PRE-ORDER WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED. This allows us to focus on athletes who have ordered & not randomly photograph the game. Thank you for your understanding.

In order to ensure we get action photos of players who are ordering photos, we will not be photographing general game footage or have an online gallery of images. Our photos are “up-close”, stop-action and high quality and we take more than one photo of your athlete, to ensure we get good choices for the products/prints. Cutting Edge Photography selects the image for each product, in order to get products delivered in a timely fashion.

Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND COMPLETE THE FORM BEFORE THE GAME STARTS. If you do not hand the Photographer the form BEFORE the game, your child will not photographed.

If you would like photos of your child in action at the Superior Dome, please download and print out this order form (click the link below).

Superior Dome Order Form.pdf

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