Variety in Studio Makes You a Better Photographer by David Hakamaki

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you keep working the same background or keep getting the same results?  Why not try and diversify your background options and include a wide variety of Savage Universal seamless background papers?  These darlings come in four sizes, 26” x 36’, 53” x 36’, 107” x 36’, and 107” x 150’. Select […]

David Hakamaki to speak at WPPI Conference for 4th Straight Year

WPPI is proud to announce the following upcoming LIMITED SEAT Master Class at WPPI 2016 by David Hakamaki (aka “The Home Based Photography Guru”).  This class is limited to 50 seats and David’s past three WPPI classes have all SOLD OUT.   Being a Photographer in a Small Community   Do you live in a […]