Marketing to HS Seniors – Photography Marketing Masters, Episode 12 with David Hakamaki from Cutting Edge Photography

Photo by David Hakamaki, Cr.Photog. @ Cutting Edge Photography

David Hakamaki was featured on the Marketing Masters Series on Prime Focus Lab site in an interview on Marketing to High School Seniors. David’s studio, Cutting Edge Photography in Iron Mountain, Michigan, is a hotspot for High School Senior Portraits. His work is nationally recognized for his unique lighting, posing and location selection.

Listen to the interview at the following link –>

Photo by David Hakamaki, Cr.Photog. @ Cutting Edge Photography

SWPP London Review with David Hakamaki featured

The Society of Photographers SWPP Convention in London in January 2018 was the highlight of my speaking career.  In fact, being able to do three programs to UK photographers was an honor.  However, not everyone was able to make it to my programs.

It was interesting to find my name listed as one of the reasons Kam Assi wanted to attend, but was unable to make it to my Business lecture, “20 Things Businesses Do that PI$$ People Off”.  Here is that link –>  Well, Kam, it was a packed room, filled with tons of great insights on what we do good (and bad).  It was lighthearted and (much to the amazement of several in attendance) filled with laughter.  Maybe next time, Kam.  I promise I will entertain and delight you.

So, London, it was fun.  It was memorable.  And, I hope to see you soon.  The word is out that I will be speaking at The Photography Show in Birmingham, Uk in March 2019, so watch for that schedule.