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Do you have an old photo or portrait that is in need of repair? Do you want an old photo restored to its former glory? Cutting Edge Photography in Iron Mountain take your damaged photo, scan it into our system and provide a high level digital restoration of that image. We then reprint that image, so you can proudly display that irreplaceable photo for all to see. Don’t let that piece of history crumble into dust. You CANNOT turn back time, but we CAN help you relive it through your beautiful restored memory.

Due to the varied nature of each photo, we suggest you call us at 906-779-5085 to set up a time where we can review your photo and provide you with a specific quote for restoration and reprinting. Otherwise, fill out the form and give us as much information on size/type of image, damage, budget, and what you need done (restoration -OR- restoration & reprinting).

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